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  • Where to download
    Kloe is now available to download via the Apple Store here
  • How much does Kloe cost?
    Kloe costs just £2.99 GBP to download via the app store. There's no ad's, no in-app subscriptions and you have full access from the date of purchase.
  • How does Kloe matchmaking work?
    Kloe works off a randomised matchmaking algorithm, meaning you can match with anyone, anywhere in the world! Users can set their preferences to search only within selected countries if they want to.
  • Who can use Kloe?
    Anyone over the age of 18 can use Kloe. Ages range from 18 to 99 and users can select from a list of genders including Male, Female & Non-Binary.
  • How do you like or skip someone?
    Drag the users name left to skip, or right to like!
  • Are photos and about you mandatory?
    Yes, photos and about you are mandatory for your profile. You must upload a cover photo + 3 additional photos. You also need to fill in your about you section. This can include anything and isn't limited to being about you. It can be a poem, a quote, a question. Anything you choose!
  • Reporting
    You can report a user at anytime in discovery by tapping the report user button. You can also report users when matched via your direct chat options. Reporting a user alerts our administrative team and we take appropriate action to investigate each and every report made and suspend users who go against our terms of use.
  • Can I sign in without Apple ID?
    You'll need an apple ID to sign into Kloe. You can use the same ID used to sign in to your apple app store account.
  • Pause profile
    Pausing your profile means users won't find you in discover. Any likes already sent can be seen, but you won't be shown to any new users. You can unpause your profile anytime via 'account' in the settings menu.
  • Delete profile
    Deleting your profile will remove all your data including name, country, profile and all your matches. You will not be able to recover your account at any point. You can sign up again anytime via the main screen.
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